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Putting Life's Moments Into Perspective 

Alberta Wedding and Lifestyle Videography 

We are excited that you are considering Reel Life Films to capture and document your wedding day!


Your wedding is the most important day in your life, and we want to capture it! Reel Life Films provides a genuine passion for storytelling and believes every couple deserves the proper care, attention, and highest quality of film for their BIG DAY! 9 times of out 10 you'll never have the same group of people under one roof, so let us capture those core moments on film, and preserve your memories forever.


To achieve our standard, we book a limited number of weddings and believe in fully customizing your wedding day. Our pricing outlines our three base packages with 15+ add-ons that allows you to create the perfect video package for your wedding day!

Want to know more?

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Who is Reel Life Films?

Videographer / Editor / Owner
Advanced Drone Pilot 

My name is Matt Kozlowski and I am a videographer in Alberta, Canada. I am passionate about creating timeless films for couples and families during the biggest events of their lives. 


I grew up with a camera in hand. Surrounded by lakes and scenery of northwestern Ontario, I originally started making mountain biking and travel videos. I loved the endless opportunities a camera provided me and the editing process excited me (especially when I got to reveal the final edits to friends and family). 

Fast forward to 2017, when I fell in love with a girl who was relocating to Edmonton, Alberta. As a hopeless romantic at heart, I took the plunge and followed her to the west to start our life just a few months after meeting. I planned a surprise engagement with a photographer in 2018 and since then we had waited to have our wedding amidst a global pandemic until August 2021. The careful preparation of decorations, planning of invitations, and dreaming of intricate details became part of our daily conversations. I understand know how difficult planning and decision-making can be. Now that I’ve experienced the process and anticipation leading up to the big day, I know exactly what moments are important to capture and how to make couples feel comfortable in front of the lens. 


believe everyone's story is unique, so let me pull your personalities, quirks, and stories out and bring it to life through film.


More Films 


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Welcoming events small and large! Edmonton is the home base however,

travel is welcomed throughout Alberta, Canada, and beyond. 

My goal is to create timeless and one of a kind films that are unlike any other wedding video.

How do I do this? 

By putting each couples unique story at the forefront of everything I do.

Your story is what makes you and your film unique and no one can copy that or take it away from you.

I spend extra hours in the edit studio dedicated solely to creating your story by bringing together your vows, speeches and music.

Local Weddings start at $3399 and $3999 everywhere else. We would love to bring your wedding vibe to life!

  • 5-6 minute Wedding Film in 4K

  • 1 Videographer  

  • 10 hours coverage

  • No Travel Fees

  • Delivered Online or USB

  • Vow and Speech Recording

  • Drone Footage

  • 60 Second Wedding Trailer


Image by Al Elmes
Image by Jonathan Borba

I Do

  • 2-3 minute Wedding Film in 4K 

  • 1 Videographer 

  • 8 hours coverage

  • No Travel Fees

  • Delivered Online or USB

  • Vow and Speech Recording

Boho Wedding Couple


  • 8-12 minute Wedding Film in 4K

  • 1 videographer

  • Full Day Coverage 

  • No Travel Fees

  • Delivered Online or USB

  • Vow and Speech Recording

  • Drone Footage

  • 60 Second Wedding Trailer 

  • RAW Footage 

Are you looking for a Photo and Video coverage for your BIG DAY ?

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As our calendar begins to fill, we are thrilled to work with couples who care about the quality of their day. We get excited to see the couples who step out of their comfort zone, aren't afraid to express their love on camera and show their true relationships quirks. We are here to capture those details, those moments that often go unseen through photo, and you're once in a lifetime celebration! 

Just fill this out and press send! 

You can also email me directly at or call/text me at 780-243-6142.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

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Looking forward to chatting more!
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