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My name is Matt Kozlowski and I am an emerging videographer in Alberta, Canada. I am passionate about creating timeless heirlooms for couples and families during the biggest events of their lives. 


I grew up with a camera in hand. Surrounded by lakes and scenery of northwestern Ontario, I originally started making mountain biking and travel videos using a GoPro. I loved the endless opportunities a camera provided me and the editing process excited me (especially when I got to reveal the final edits to friends and family). 


Fast forward to 2017, when I fell in love with a girl who was relocating to Edmonton, Alberta. As a hopeless romantic at heart, I took the plunge and followed her to the west to start our life just a few months after meeting. I planned a surprise engagement with a photographer in 2018 and since then we had waited to have our wedding amidst a global pandemic until August 2021. The careful preparation of decorations, planning of invitations, and dreaming of intricate details became part of our daily conversations. Now that I’ve experienced the process leading up to the big day along with the anticipation and excitement of the day of, I know exactly what moments are important to capture and how to make couples feel comfortable in front of the lens. 


With weddings being a topic of conversation around our household, I began studying video techniques, practicing editing my footage, and mentoring with our chosen wedding videographer, Mark. The atmosphere of weddings and big life events has drawn me in and motivated me to perfectly showcase the couples and families I work with, so they always have these memories to watch. At each wedding I filmed, I learned more about how the day flows, how to utilize different filming techniques, and how to incorporate the couples unique stories into films that truly emphasize the couples love and commitment. 

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"We rewatched the video over and over that night, it was so memorable and touching. All of our friends and family loved it. Matt was spot on with our vision and we are lucky so have this memory to watch whenever we would like."

Brooke and Lowell 
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