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Reel Life Films


Growing Your Business with Video

Commercial / Corporate / Documentary 

How Can a VIDEO Help Your Business Succeed?


If I were to ask you, Imagine your business is exactly where you wanted it to be...

What would that look like to yo

Could it be better?
Could you have more clients, product sales, and ultimately more revenue?

Let's make it happen!

Video advertisements are currently the strongest and most powerful tool of marketing to help people reach and engage with their target audience

Did you know that 68% of people prefer watching a video rather then reading about a service or product?

Studies show that Video Branding and advertisements have increased a business services and brand awareness by 57%! 

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What Do We Offer?


Every video is versatile, shareable, while giving clients and consumers the opportunity to truly see how unique your business is. Video marketing gives your audience a more immersive look at what you have to offer. We can help you grow with month to month packages, single video ads, multiple version ads, voice overs ads and vertical social media reels.


Social Media Packages
Promoting Business Services 
TOF Video Advertisements
Longer Branding Stories
Client Testimonials

Clinician Interviews
Business Location Presentation
Product Presentation+Explanations
Customized Video to Your Needs

Our Gear

We currently use and adapt to any new technology that increases the quality of video and audio in today market. We have the latest cameras, drones, lighting and audio equipment to help you reach and engage with your audience 

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Our Work 

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Claire Kjeld - Sport Nutrition - Alberta Therapy Co. - Nova Artistic Swimming

Simon Says Speech - Speech Language Therapy

Claire Kjeld - Dietitcian - Alberta Therapy Co.

Change Matters - Psychologist Services

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